Relaxation and Spa

Hanmer Springs known for its world renowned Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa, with its mineral waters. The surrounding mountains are home to trails and seasonal ski slopes. The nearby Conical Hill and Heritage Forest has a trail winding to a lookout point. To the south, rugged Waiau Gorge is known for its whitewater rapids and abundant salmon and trout.

Things to do in Hanmer Springs & Hanmer Springs Attractions. Whether you're after relaxation or exhilaration, versatile Hanmer Springs is great for all round entertainment. At Hanmer Springs there is something for everyone.

Visit Hurunui

A very must do item while in New Zealand is to visit Hurunui. Hurunui is home to many popular locations. From rugged coastlines and sandy beaches to inland alpine villages and lush green forests – the natural beauty...

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Hanmer Springs – Thermal Pools & Spa

The best place to escape, Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa is an easy drive, just 10 minutes’ walk from our hotel. It is the best place to indulge yourself by inviting yourself. You can choose from a range of pools...

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Hanmer Springs Attractions

Hanmer Springs Attractions offers you the outdoor adventure activities in Hanmer Springs. Just 8 minutes’ drive from our hotel, enjoy a day of fun with family or friends. Hanmer Springs Attractions includes things to do...

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Hanmer Rockets

Something for all the family or groups to enjoy are the ‘Hanmer Rockets’. These are four-wheeled quadricycles and fit between two – six people. These are a unique way to enjoy cycling around Hanmer Springs...

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